UltimatePregnancySecrets.com offers free comprehensive assistance to individuals, couples, and families who are at risk to or that are facing an unplanned/or crisis pregnancy.

Our Services are Threefold


We advise and support women involved in an unplanned or crisis pregnancy by offering FREE services. For many economic, social, and supportive conditions appear to give no other choice than abortion.


Our goal is to educate single women and men, parents, youth groups, and organizations about abstinence. Thereby, giving them the hope to remain free, not only from pregnancy, but also Sexually Transmitted Diseases and heartache that accompanies premarital sex.


For a woman who has undergone an abortion, or a man who has had a part in an abortion, the devastation is very real – and can last a lifetime. UltimatePregnancySecrets.com is here to offer healing to women and men.

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