Best Pregnancy Workouts

Working out during pregnancy is not something you should avoid; on the contrary, it’s highly recommended. There are special DVDs that provide you with suitable exercises for pregnant women.

Take a sneak peek at the best pregnancy workouts available for order on Amazon. Suzanne Bowen’s Slim & Toned Prenatal Barre Workout for pregnant women is one of the best thanks to its great variety of approaches that engage your whole body into the practice. The DVD contains four parts that give you the possibility to choose your desired workout. You will be able to pick from “Lean Lower Body”, “Slim upper body & core”, “Cardio Sculpt” and “Aligned Stretch”.

On top of that, you will have full access to a special interview with a wellness physician who will give you his top five tips for healthy nutrition during pregnancy. You won’t be sorry after trying the Barre Workout – a lot of famous celebrities embraced the exercises included in this DVD because of the benefits in increasing strength and flexibility. The workouts are short, to the point, challenging; yet very easy to follow thanks to the great guidance of Suzanne Bowen.

In just a few weeks, you will be amazed by the positive results, specifically with a toned and slim body.


  • Great regardless of your fitness level
  • Excellent for athletic mothers
  • Prepares your body for labor
  • Can be done in every pregnancy trimester
  • Delivers positive results in only a few weeks
  • Amazing instructor
  • Good price

Overall, the 80% positive reviews support the idea that this workout DVD for pregnant women is not only great but also delivers awesome results. A lot of husbands have declared themselves fans of this workout too because of the noticeable results in their wives.

But what’s most important is that you can practice and keep your baby safe. Be aware, though, the exercises are pretty intense, so if you’re not properly prepared you may find Barre Workout a little bit hard to perform.

The Pregnancy Project is somehow different from the other DVDs. Compared to the Barre Workout which features four routines, this one is divided in nine parts, each targeting a month of pregnancy. For the first trimester, you will start slowly, listening to your body, working on a range of movements that will keep your muscles properly aligned, and then pass to a series of exercises combining your arms and legs. Once you enter the second trimester of your pregnancy you will focus on energy, muscles, and workouts that include lifting your butt and keeping you healthy and strong without harming your baby.

For the last trimester, the intensity of the movements will be lower and you will start preparing your body for giving birth. The focus of the exercises will be on circulation and flexibility as you will learn to open your hips and stay connected to your body.


  • The instructor is great at providing guidance through the workouts
  • The DVD is recorded in a beautiful location and contains background music which you can turn off if you like to hear only the voice of the instructor
  • You will get one DVD for each month
  • Safe exercises do not include lying on your back
  • The DVD also includes all kinds of interviews with useful info
  • Delivers positive results
  • Good price


  • For those who are not used to exercising, it may be a little bit too hard
  • For those who are experienced with exercising, it may be a little bit too easy

Unlike other DVDs, the Pregnancy Project actually gives you one workout for each month which makes total sense considering the major changes your body goes through. Besides flexibility, the instructor does a great job at teaching and guiding and if you don’t like the music in the background you can easily turn it off.

For those who may find these workouts too easy, you can combine them with other harmless activities like walking or swimming. The What to Expect When You’re Expecting Workout is an easy way to give meaning to the expression ‘sexy mama’. The workout is designed specially for pregnant women and its goal is to maintain a fit, healthy body during pregnancy.

The DVD includes six workouts, each lasting no more than 10 minutes so you can easily incorporate them into your schedule. You will be able to choose between three cardio workouts, two strength workouts, and one stretch and relax workout besides other bonuses that you can do anywhere and anytime. The cardio workouts focus on Pilates exercises that balance muscle strength and circulation, training that builds stamina for healthier pregnancies and dance routines that add fun to your exercise.

The strength workouts focus on Pilates exercises too – but this time the goal is to fight soreness and pains, targeting your legs and thighs. Lastly, the stretch and relax workout is based on yoga to help you invigorate your body.


  • Diverse
  • Doesn’t take a lot of time
  • Very affordable price
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Covers the whole body
  • Safe


  • Some women would have like the exercises to be more challenging
  • Others didn’t like the instructors

On a general note, this DVD is best for beginners considering that those who have a higher level of fitness could have used a more challenging approach to training. The workouts are great and diverse and come on different levels of difficulties. While the cardio exercises are intense, you can use the Stretch and Relax to recover and rejuvenate yourself.


The best pregnancy workout is by far the Barre Workout based on the greatest number of positive reviews. However, it’s very complicated to decide which workout is the best considering that every person has a different body and a different level of fitness, so basically it depends on what you think works perfectly for you.

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