Early Detection Pregnancy Test: Find Out Quicker and Have a Healthier Baby

Going to the doctor’s early in pregnancy is vital to your baby’s health. Unfortunately, many women often wait longer than they should before confirming their pregnancy. What you may not realize is that you do not have to wait until you are a month late in order to find out. An early detection pregnancy test can help you to determine if you are pregnant as early as one day after missing your period.

Once you have taken an early home pregnancy test and it comes back with a positive result, you will want to contact your gynecologist immediately. The first thing they will do is confirm your pregnancy by taking another test in their office. They will then send you to the lab for blood tests. This will measure your hCG, pregnancy hormones more accurately, and you may also be sent for a sonogram to get a more accurate date of delivery.

Importance of Blood Test To Determine Pregnancy Status

Both the blood test and the sonogram can help the doctor to determine if you and your baby’s health are in good condition. If your hCG levels are low, it could be a sign that you have an ectopic pregnancy. Or you may be starting to have a miscarriage. In these cases, early detection pregnancy tests can prevent you from having further complications with your own health.

Your blood test will also test to find out if you are anemic. Unfortunately, it is very common in women and many are often anemic and never know. Anemia is simply a lack of red blood cells and can be caused by many things. Being anemic in pregnancy can lead to many problems for the fetus, including slow growth, premature delivery, and rupture of the amniotic fluid. Early detection pregnancy tests can get you the help needed before any damage to your fetus occurs.

First visits to the obstetrician will usually result in receiving a prescription for prenatal vitamins. These vitamins are especially for pregnant women. They will give you all of the extra vitamins and nutrients you need while supporting two lives. Without taking an early pregnancy test, your body and your baby may be deprived of essential nutrients that are needed for optimum health.

What Can Risk Your Pregnancy

Women that drink alcohol or use drugs, even certain drugs prescribed by the doctor, are risking the health of their unborn child. They can cause early brain damage and may even cause deformities to the fetus. Without early pregnancy testing, you may never know if you are pregnant. And continuing to use these substances can be very harmful, if not fatal, for a fetus.

Missing your period may be scary. And the thought of being pregnant may be one of the most stressful things you go through. Finding out early, however, is crucial for the health of you and your baby. Too many things can go wrong early in pregnancy. Early home pregnancy tests will not only allow you to find out quickly. They will allow you the opportunity to get to your obstetrician as early as possible.

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