Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Are you aware about problems of hair loss? Do you know for what reason, hair falls, for the duration of and after pregnancy? Well, this is more common in every pregnant ladies and another problem faced by pregnant ladies is patches of baldness. This is especially due to, deficiency of minerals, vitamins and another reason is because of changes in hormones. But many pregnant ladies do not have hair loss problem.

The quality and quantity of hair turns better, that is it gets thick and gets better hair growth. But you will find it is most common for every lady to have hair loss specially giving birth to baby. Due to hormonal changes taking place during period of life and this is main reason for hair loss. Normally, doctors will advise to eat and give medicines of minerals and vitamins which give control on their hair loss. But if you are pregnant and you have problem of hair loss then it is necessary to go for check up, because doctors would definitely advise better and right at this stage. They will guide you what kind shampoo will help you, method of combing hair and required oils for your hair necessary during this particular stage and most important he will advise on suggested dose of vitamins and minerals.

Even after pregnancy, if you find that the quality of your hair is getting thinner than your original hair, then it becomes necessary to show your consulted doctor and needs to have checked up. Body check up depends on the quality of hair for the duration of and after pregnancy it depends on amount of hair loss accordingly you need to have body check up, because there can be many other factors so it is necessary to have complete body check up. Doctor would definitely help you out and give you right amount and required doses of medicines.

Well, especially not having proper food and healthy diet during pregnancy or after pregnancy is risky to have hair loss. Proper food is compulsory, if you want to have good quality of hair that is for shiny and healthy hair. Normally, it is noticed that most of females get extremely hair growth over the limbs (legs and hands), cheek, chin and belly etc. It is necessary to take care of your hair because it will definitely increase after having kid so, proper care is must with help of physician.

Hair fall is too commonly seen in pregnant ladies or even after delivery. As worrying as it is so, but need not to worry so much with worrying of new kid, the hair fall simply indicates about your will definitely slowly and gradually come to its regular condition.

There are two important stages for hair growth which is necessary to take in mind while looking at your hair fall after having your baby. There is time where hair growth stands nearly to four to seven years. This period is described and given name as “Anagen” period where you will find hair starts growing approximately one to two cm per month.

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