Losing Weight While Being Pregnant

This is a very delicate subject as a lot of women start their new journey of becoming mothers on the wrong foot, specifically by becoming overweight. Now, you should know from the beginning that losing weight during pregnancy by intentionally cutting calories is never an option.

Even though it sounds harsh, avoiding food while you have a baby on the road is the most selfish decision you can take, so never do that under any circumstances. Gaining weight during pregnancy is absolutely normal and logic if you think about it. So, what you can do in order to avoid adding too many “Xs” to your clothing size is maintaining a regular weight while keeping your baby safe. Read on to find out what measures you can take to keep your body mass under control without hurting the small one in your tummy.

But before getting to the actual measures, you should know that in the first trimester of your pregnancy you’ll probably lose weight on an involuntary basis. If you’re ‘lucky’ enough to be one of those future moms who experience morning sickness and nausea symptoms, you will definitely get rid of a few pounds.

Adopt a healthy pregnancy diet

Eating healthily is one thing, not eating is out of discussion. When you are pregnant, the minimum extra amount of calories you need to eat every day is 300 during the second trimester and 500 during the last trimester. If you were a diet freak before conceiving a baby, that number may scare you, but it doesn’t mean it has to be only fat.

Actually, as a mom to be you are advised to avoid fat as much as possible. What you need to do is eat small and diverse meals with snacks in between. Overall, you will have to cover several food categories like bread and grains, proteins, iron, calcium, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and healthy fats.

If you want to keep your weight under control, you should probably talk to your doctor and ask him/her to recommend you an expert in nutrition. In this way, you will be able to follow a customized nutritional plan based on your personal medical history. You may also be advised to take prenatal vitamins to supplement the need of certain composites like minerals, acid folic, calcium and vitamin D, but you will never hear a doctor telling you to stop eating.


Another way to keep your body mass under control is to work out, as there are several ways to do it while you are pregnant. First of all, depending on what you like you can start with yoga or Pilates. These types of exercises are often recommended considering their multiple benefits. Mentally speaking, you get to relax your mind and become more aware of the changes your body gets to experience.

Physically speaking, as you go further with your pregnancy, your center of gravity changes drastically, relaxing your joints and ligaments and exposing you to easy falling and injuries. The reason why yoga and Pilates are considered safe is because they don’t work with your joints.On the contrary, you will get to improve your posture and strengthen your muscles to become more powerful and walk gracefully even though you might not be able to see your toes!

If you think it becomes harder to exercise in the last trimesters of your pregnancy, you look to other types of exercises that are lighter and don’t require too much movement. For instance, walking and swimming are very effective too, exactly for the same reason as yoga and Pilates: they don’t put pressure on your joints.

Swimming is the best way to work all the parts of your body and maintaining your weight by becoming stronger and more flexible.

Losing weight after giving birth

The situation is different after you give birth. Once you have your doctor’s green light, you can start taking care of the baby belly and return to your previous body before you decided to become a mother. However, don’t expect it to be easy as a lot of women are struggling with this problem. Lucky for you, there is someone out there who thought about all those mothers who fight with weight issues.

Sara Dean is the owner of Fit Healthy Moms and the creator of the successful six-week pregnancy weight loss program. This program consists of a digital package containing eight workouts on different levels of difficulty, a well-planned nutritional scheme and a daily journal to keep track of your improvements. The whole product is offered at an affordable price and if there are no positive results you will get a refund. But that’s not what makes this program the best; what’s really important is the fact that you’ll be able to take care of your body without interfering with the time you need to spend with your baby.

The workouts do not take more than 15 to 30 minutes and the nutritional plan contains everything you need to know and do, so you won’t lose too much time on it.


The most important thing you need to be aware of is that refusing to eat in order to lose weight while you are pregnant is totally forbidden. A baby needs to grow and if the mother doesn’t feed herself, she will risk giving birth to a low-weight baby with serious health problems. A person who does take that into consideration should probably reconsider becoming a mother.

On the other hand, keeping your weight under control is totally fine, and you can do that by adopting a pregnancy diet plan approved by your doctor and nutritionist. Moreover, who said that pregnant women cannot exercise?Yoga and Pilates are actually very efficient in maintaining your muscles without putting pressure on your joints. These exercises are also effective for the mental health of a mother who sometimes can be overwhelmed due to the substantial changes she has to deal with.

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