Side Effects During Pregnancy

During your pregnancy period you will come across some common problems or side effect. You might experience these side effects each and every trimester. Here are some common side effects that you will come across during the period of pregnancy.


It is one of the most common side effects that you will face during and after the pregnancy. Whenever the progesterone loosens up the muscles in the intestine, this means that it will tighten the food which is digested. Due to this more water is absorbed by the body. One of the best ways to come out of constipation is to drink lot of water. It is also better to have food that contains fiber. It is always advisable to have fruits and vegetables.


You will also come across problems of crams during the period of pregnancy. Generally, cramps will be experienced in feet, and thighs. They consist of immense pain. You will undergo the problems of cramps during the last trimester. Cramps will mostly happen during nights. If you are lacking behind calcium then you might come across the problems of cramps. If you come across problems of cramps then you should massage that particular area. If you want to stay away with the problems of cramps then you should regularly take a supplement of calcium.


It is one of the most common side effects that you can experience during the period of pregnancy. You will experience immense amount of pain at lower back, near the knee, or lower part of the legs.  You will come across problems of backache if you stand for a longer period of time or else you sleep in an awkward way. Sleeping position should be taken care in the last stages of pregnancy.


This problem can experienced whenever you stand in a faster way. Particularly, it can occur when the weather is warm. It can also happen if you stand for a longer period or if you have bath with warm water. If your brains does not get proper amount of blood then you might come across the problem of faintness. If you stand for a longer period of time then the blood will be pooled towards your legs, so the brains will not be able to have proper amount of blood.

Whenever you are planning to stand for a longer period of time then you should keep changing your position or start shifting your body weight from one leg to other. This will help you to keep your blood circulation moving in a faster way, and the brains will be able to get proper amount of blood. Try to make sure that you drink good amount of water. Drinking plenty of water will help you to stay away from dehydration.

Swelling: You will experience the problem of swelling in the lower parts of your limbs. This is one of the most common side effects that are experienced during pregnancy. This can mainly occur during the hot weather conditions.

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