Twin Pregnancy Is An Amazing Experience

Imagine that you are expecting trying to have one baby and you are ending up getting two! The research shows that there has been lot of twin pregnancy in past some years. A woman is always surprised when is told that she is carrying twin babies. Twin pregnancy is something from which you can get a set of two babies during the same pregnancy. During twin pregnancy, it is possible that you will get too many medical problems, however proper medical supervision is always necessary, which can help you to play safe.

A twin pregnancy will always give more stress to the mother’s body. It is important to be aware about some nutritional requirements, which will help you to get better medical treatment. It is not mandatory that you will be able to get twins of same sex; you may get different as well.

Beginning of twins

Basically there are two different kinds of twins, fraternal and identical twins. In case of identical twins, once the egg is properly fertilized it will divide in two different cells. Each these cell will carry identical Dibonucleicacid (DNA), this is the only major reason why both the children will look exactly the same with only some difference in the weight, or height. On the other hand fraternal twins are not identical. In this case, instead of having one egg that divides in two different cells, there are two eggs that are properly fertilized by two different sperm. In these cases it is possible to get two different sexes that have different physical conditions.

Generally, it is common that a pregnant woman will be much more tired then normally she is, however woman who are having twin pregnancy will undergo these problems more then single pregnancy. Normally, twins are hereditary, so if you are having twins in your family then it is possible that you may give birth to more then one child, however it is not possible always.

Some facts of twin pregnancy

In case of twin pregnancy, you will have to be prepared as you will have double trouble. You will be having much more weight then the pregnancy with single child. Because of this extra weight, a twin pregnancy can be more painful then the single pregnancy. The woman with twin pregnancy may come across problems like headaches, backaches, this can be more uncomfortable. If you are having twin pregnancy then you should take rest. Pregnancy massage can be much helpful as it will give a relief to the pain and stress will be reduced a lot. As more risk is involved in twin pregnancy, if always better to consult your doctor more than if you were having a single pregnancy. Do not get disturb with the stress, as it is very common with twin pregnancy.

It is said that, having a twin is the blessing of god. It is fascinating to have twins rather then single. The period of twin pregnancy is tough so be sure.

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