What You Should Know About the Early Detection Pregnancy Test

Many women often run right out and purchase an early detection pregnancy test immediately upon discovering they are late with their period. As early detection has many benefits for you and your baby’s health. If you are trying to get pregnant, you should keep a couple of them on hand. However, there are some things you may not know about early pregnancy testing.

The Early Home Pregnancy Tests

The early home pregnancy tests that you purchase for your home use are virtually the same tests that will be used in your doctor’s office. They use them for detecting the elevated HCG levels that will be in your urine if you are pregnant. Keep in mind that your doctor will still require you to go for blood tests for a more accurate look at these levels. As well as to determine other health issues that can be determined by the examination of your blood.

While early home pregnancy tests may state they are ninety-nine percent accurate, you could be that one percent that is incorrect if you do not wait long enough.  The best time to take a pregnancy test is approximately ten to twelve days after ovulation. If you are unsure of when you ovulated, wait until approximately a week after your period was due.

Proper Use Of Early Detection Pregnancy Tests

Following all of the instructions that come with the early detection pregnancy test is crucial for accurate results. Some will ask you to urinate in a cup and then place the test strip in the liquid. Another test may ask for you to hold the strip under mid-stream urine. While most of the early home pregnancy tests have different instructions, they generally follow the same rule. The rule of using your morning urine for more accurate results.

When purchasing an early home pregnancy test, always make sure you look at the date of expiration. Most retailers will keep track of their expiration dates, however, mistakes can happen. Make it habit when you go into a store to purchase one to always look at the expiration date before you purchase it. Using an expired test could result in a result that is inaccurate. And could cause a lot of false expectations or unnecessary stress to your life.

Where To Get Early Detection Pregnancy Tests

Early detection pregnancy tests can be purchased at almost any local pharmacy or department store. For those who wish complete privacy, ordering the tests online may be more appropriate. Packages will come safely without showing any evidence of what is inside. You can be sure that the tests will arrive quickly. As most online businesses offer same day shipping to their customers.

Whether you are planning to add a new member to your family or it is unexpected surprise, waiting to find out if you are pregnant can be unnerving. Although there is a lot you should know about early home pregnancy tests. You will find it will be a great relief to keep one on hand for instances when you may be late. After all, it is much better to know for sure, than to be stressed out while you wait for your period to arrive.

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